This three shelf unit uses two 2"x10" pieces of construction grade wood per shelf, resulting in a shelf that is 18 1/2" deep. The load rating is 550 lbs. per bracket arm and 1100 lbs. per bracket. Two brackets means you have 2200 lbs. loading capacity. This shelf allows for items that are as large as 32" tall to be stored on the floor under the shelves (height may vary by container).


*20' Container (Shelving on one side only): Requires x5 Brackets

*20' Container (Shelving on both sides): Requires x10 Brackets


*40' Container (Shelving on one side only): x10 Brackets

*40' Container (Shelving on both sides): Requires x20 Brackets


Wood not included, but can be quoted. 

#3210 Insta Shelf (18.5" Depth)


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