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Thinking of Modifying Your Container?

Contact our team and let us know what you're imagining. We've been customizing "cans" for our customers for years, and we would love the opportunity to assist with your project. Modifying containers allows you to get the most out of your investment in a container. 

If you're thinking of completing the work yourself, we also sell the container-specific materials/parts that our team uses in our Online Store. Click here for details! (*Online Store Available Soon)


  Custom Paint Jobs  

We paint containers! To be specific- we spray containers as it is the most time/paint efficient method of changing the container's colour. Feel free to bring in a sample paint swatch and we will match the colour with the correct type of paint that will provide a long-lasting, smooth coating of paint.  

  Door / Window Installation  

Our most popular container modification request is for additional doors and windows to be installed. Depending on the container's usage and application, man-door installations make getting into the container that much easier. Window additions allow significant amounts of natural light into the container and improve interior lighting conditions; no electrical/powered light source required. If you're relatively "handy", and would like to install doors/windows yourself, be sure to check out our Online Store where you can purchase container-specific doors/windows and perform the installation yourself. 


  Heated / Insulated Containers  

Does temperature factor into your storage equation? Containers can be outfitted with insulation to help regulate temperature. If heat will be required, adding additional heat sources can provide a climate controlled storage environment. Talk to our team today to determine which insulation approach is best suited for your project. 

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