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We are all in this together. Seriously.

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, The Unemployed Help Centre opened a Food Bank "Hub" in Windsor-West. Established as their second Drive-Thru Food Bank, the mission is to provide pre-packaged food items for those in the community that may require assistance acquiring groceries during the COVID-19 crisis. The Hub is located at 477 Detroit Street (Parking Lot of St. Michael's Adult Secondary School) and is accessible on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 AM to 2 PM. On-site, there are two stations: a drive-thru for vehicles, and a "drive" thru for individuals walking to the Food Bank.

Having the privilege of servicing Windsor-Essex for over five decades, CSR recognizes that this crisis demands leadership and support from everyone in our community who can contribute mission-critical services, products, or support. For our business- the opportunity was easily presented in the necessity for portable on-site storage and warehousing solutions. These donated services will remain in place until this crisis recedes, and the community no longer requires them. CSR feels honoured to be working alongside our front-line workers; these much needed and very essential workers and volunteers. Also, a special thank you to those already serving our community in various capacities, such as medical staff and volunteers, first responders, teachers, waste removal operators, and all of those not mentioned here. We want to thank our local municipal offices for their constant dedication and assistance through this time. To these individuals, we recognize the challenges you face and offer encouragement by reminding you to stay motivated and never to lose hope. Your community is looking for ways to support you, too. Want to know more? Call 519-944-4900, visit, or email for information on Food Banks provided by the Unemployed Help Centre. "Rallying Cry": Community Takeaway (Call to Action): In your social-circle (Workplace, Neighborhood, Place of Worship, Family, Etc.), who do you have the opportunity to support and come alongside? What can you offer to others? Everyone has something. Are you ready to become a "Difference Maker"?

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