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New 40’ High-Cube *Double-Doors Shipping Container for Sale. Standard trucking rates and HST not included. This container has doors on both ends of the container. 


Serial No.:  SDOU 471061-2



(+$1,889.85 )  Add 39” Steel Man-door installed w/ Commercial (keyed) Lockset


(+$1,249.95)   Add 29” Steel Man-door installed w/ Commercial (keyed) Lockset


(+$1,880.00)   80” Wide Roll-Up Door installed


(+$174.95)  Add Heavy Duty Lock-box installed on doors. Includes Heavy Duty Container Lock w/ keys


(+$2,720.00)  Add Custom Exterior-Only Paint Job


(+$44.95/Ea.)  Add Plastic Levelling Pads 50cmx50cmx5cm (50,000lbs Capacity)



Interior Dimensions:

39’5” (L) x 7’8” (W) x 8’10” (H)


Exterior Dimensions:

40’ (L) x 8’ (W) x 9.6’ (H)


*Want to schedule an appointment to view this container? Please contact CSR Sales at (519) 251-0331 or email


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