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New 40’ High-Cube *Side-Doors Shipping Container for Sale. Standard trucking rates and HST not included. This container has doors on one end, and four sets of doors down one side of the container.


Serial No.:  MMPU 101549-1



(+$1,889.85 )  Add 39” Steel Man-door installed w/ Commercial (keyed) Lockset


(+$1,249.95)   Add 29” Steel Man-door installed w/ Commercial (keyed) Lockset


(+$1,880.00)   80” Wide Roll-Up Door installed


(+$174.95)  Add Heavy Duty Lock-box installed on doors. Includes Heavy Duty Container Lock w/ keys


(+$2,720.00)  Add Custom Exterior-Only Paint Job


(+$44.95/Ea.)  Add Plastic Levelling Pads 50cmx50cmx5cm (50,000lbs Capacity)



Interior Dimensions:

39’5” (L) x 7’8” (W) x 8’10” (H)


Exterior Dimensions:

40’ (L) x 8’ (W) x 9.6’ (H)


*Want to schedule an appointment to view this container? Please contact CSR Sales at (519) 251-0331 or email


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